Zero Waste Festival Online June 2020


Online June 2020

A festival of hope, action and regeneration.

The Zero Waste Festival Online was held over the first two weekends of June with a diverse lineup of live interviews, panels, workshops and discussions and more. We’ll were honoured to share some incredible friends and changemakers to empower our community in rebuilding a regenerative future together!

Our Zero Waste Festival vision is to connect a community of changemakers who are inspired, passionate and empowered about a waste-free future. Our mission? We generate inclusive conversations to inspire zero-waste actions.

As a thank you, our proud and paid up Zero Waste Victoria members get exclusive access to ALL the recordings of the festival! Thank you for supporting us! You can become a Zero Waste Victoria member today at A selection of the festival events are available on our ZWV youtube channel, subscribe to see the latest additions.

Thank you to our online festival attendees. As a ticket holder, you’ll have access to the event(s) you had tickets to, plus we’ll be sending through the Resource + Action kits to help you connect, learn and action more!

Thank you for joining us for the Zero Waste Festival, a festival of hope, action and regeneration…let’s keep the powerful conversations going, community collaborations happening and amplifying the ripples of action!

Zero Waste Festival Team


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