Festival Speakers

Kirsty Bishop-Fox – MC

Kirsty Bishop-Fox is an environmentalist known for motivating people to prioritise sustainability. She’s a sustainability consultant, educator and strategist who works with businesses, government, and community to transform the approach to waste, recycling, and sustainable living. Kirsty’s recognised for focusing on the environmental big picture and relating it to practical actions, and achievable changes to help people make more sustainable choices. Kirsty’s also the president of Zero Waste Victoria and director of the Zero Waste Festival.

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but when it comes to waste, Kirsty’s all treasure. She’s in her element when talking rubbish – inspiring you to live today, like tomorrow matters.

Bill Verhagen

Elisha Nettleton

Scott Douglas (Green Lab Futures)

Sarah Knop

Roxy Uzureau Zhu

Renee Robbins

Joanne Rockwell

Alice Zaslavsky

Tamara DiMattina

Tish King

Simone Carson

Antony DiMase

Dr Kate Luckins

Anna Matilda

Jade Miles

Belinda Goldman

Tobie Puttock

Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga

Vanessa Nitsos Chan

Paul Bird

Jean Darling

Dr Rebekah Henry

John Bradley

Mahla Bird (AKA Themme Fatale)

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