The generosity of supporters like you is what will make our vision of a sustainable world with less waste possible. Zero Waste Victoria addresses the growing issues of waste, recycling and sustainability in our community.

Our efforts include:

  • Community education to inspire and empower waste reduction and sustainable actions
  • Advocacy through government inquiries and reviews including the Productivity Commission’s Right to Repair review, Victoria’s Parliamentary Waste and Recycling Inquiry, Product Stewardship Review, National Waste Strategy, environmental laws, Circular Economy Policy, local council waste policy and strategy, and more
  • Encouraging manufacturers, retailers and business to enable more sustainable practices 
  • Contributing to and promoting research into reducing waste.
  • Working with people to create community-based solutions to waste challenges
  • The Zero Waste Festival

To extend our work, we need help from passionate people like you, who strive to live a more sustainable life for the good of our planet.

Your support helps us to provide education, promote sustainable living and lead conversations on the growing issues of our waste and recycling system with Victorian councils, businesses, schools and community groups. 

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