• One of the challenges with any event is the waste created. The intention of the Zero Waste Festival is to encourage & support our community by being the example. In order to fulfil this objective, we need to adhere to specific guidelines and as an exhibitor there is an expectation that you will support this.
  • If you have printed information, only give it out if asked by attendees. Do not hand out promotional materials ‘show bag’ style, or to every passer-by. We know that most of this will end up as rubbish.
  • Zero Waste Victoria encourages the use of QR codes and/or photos to be taken of contact details, or useful information. In this day and age, the added value with this approach is that electronic information is generally retained longer than printed brochures, and this can be more readily shared. Which not only reduces waste, but is a more effective marketing approach.
  • Use goods made from environmentally responsible materials.  Products that come in plastic packaging, or are intended for single-use or limited use, are not to be promoted or used at this event. The preference is package-free.
  • Any products you hope to display that are made of plastic, come packaged, or classified as single-use are to be approved prior to the event. If ZWV believe a more sustainable non-plastic item is available, it will not be approved.
  • If in doubt, please contact ZWV prior to acceptance of this agreement with any questions.  Product assessments will not be made on the day and ZWV reserves the right to remove any items from display, or to close a stall that does not meet the ‘Create No Waste Policy’ or recommended sustainability guidelines.  As pre-approval of products is required, there will be no compensation or recourse available, as per our terms and conditions.
  • Bring goods to the Festival in re-useable boxes/containers. You must take any recycling, or rubbish you bring with you when you leave, as there will be no facility provided to dispose of them – this is a Zero Waste Festival, so we must aim to create zero waste to landfill.
  • Containers for food scraps will be provided, but there will be NO bins. You are required to take any waste you create with you when you leave.

The effect of our individual actions may be subtle, but when you multiply that by the actions of a community, collectively we can create a big impact.


Policy prepared by Kirsty Bishop-Fox. If you wish to use this policy, or a variation of it for your event please contact info@zerowastevictoria.org.au