Thank you for supporting Zero Waste Victoria by voting in the “Pick my Project” grant program. This will help fund various workshop series, consultations, and events including another Zero Waste Festival. It will support business, schools and the community in their move towards zero waste.

Voting details are here
You need to verify your email and confirm the vote with a mobile verification code.

Would be great if you could leave a comment at the bottom of the voting  page to emphasize your support for this project.

For anyone who finds the voting a process, here are some detailed steps to help

1. Register your details to vote with street name and suburb. You’ll receive an email confirmation – click on the email link to confirm.

  1. Here is our entry
    Click on “Add to shortlist” You’ll know it’s added if you click on shortlist and it’s listed there

Note: If it says “Outside your area” (instead of “add to shortlist”) click on the suburb listed in the top bar, and change your voting location to Brunswick.

  1. To vote you have to vote for 2 other projects in our local area (3 including us). We suggest you choose projects that you think are worth supporting as multiple grants will be awarded and there are some great projects listed.
    Here are some ideas if you’re stuck, but feel free to scroll through and choose whichever projects resonate with you. We are not connected with these projects you have 3 projects on your short list click “Vote now”
  1. You’ll be sent a mobile verification code, enter that code and you’re done.

If you are having trouble voting, please email us at or call pick my project on 1800 797 818

5. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this through your network, on social media or ask your partner, family and friends to vote. It all helps,

Note: Anyone with a Victorian address can vote for us. You need to choose ‘Brunswick’ as the location for shortlisting as stated above – You don’t have to live in this area but our project is listed here.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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