Zero Waste Festival 2023



Clothes Swap

Football workshop

DIY Celebration Cards

Bee Healthy Stories

Repair Café

Mending Circle – Stitch It, Don’t Ditch It

Recycling Centre

  • Bottle lids
    Clean and dry plastic #2 and #4 bottles lids are accepted, such as milk, water and soft drink plastic bottle lids.
    Recycled with Lids4Kids. Lids are sorted, shredded and melted into a range of products such as coat hangers and pot planters.
  • Bread tags
    Plastic bread tags are accepted. Paper bread tags are not accepted.
    Recycled with Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. They will be recycled in South Australia and funds are used to purchase wheelchairs.
  • Cigarette butts
    Cigarette butts are collected for Cig Cycle. Cigarette butts will be used for research.
  • Cups
    All paper cups are accepted, such as coffee cups and soft drink cups.
    Recycled with Simply Cups into roads or lightweight concrete.
  • Golf balls
    All brands of golf balls are accepted.
    Recycled with Golf Ball Recycling to make outdoor furniture, safety bollards, paving and used in drainage systems.
  • Printer cartridges
    All home and office printer cartridges are accepted.
    Recycled with Cartridges4PlanetArk. Cartridges are disassembled for parts such as ink, metal and plastic for reuse.
  • Sporting goods
    Donate your reusable sporting goods to Boots For All for social impact across Australia.
    Donated to Boots For All:
  • Styrofoam/Polystyrene
    Packaging, bean bag balls, vegetable boxes and construction EPS are accepted. Food packaging, food trays and packaging peanuts are not accepted.
    Recycled with Styrocycle into items such as construction insulation.
  • Textiles
    All unrepairable textiles such as clothing, shoes, home textiles, soft toys, accessories and underwear are accepted.
    Recycled with Upcycle 4 Better into items such as fibre to fibre and playground surfaces.

More information:

To keep the festival Zero Waste we encourage you to support us by bringing along your refillable water bottles, reusable coffee cups, and containers and cutlery for food. Food vendors will serve their offerings on reusable plates helping us avoid single-use waste.

Fed Square accommodates for all individuals.

Partners and special thanks:

The Zero Waste Festival 2023 is brought to you by Zero Waste Victoria and event partner FedSquare. Community partner Sustainability Victoria.

The Zero Waste Festival is a part Fed Square RESET, offering us an opportunity to start afresh.

The Zero Waste Festival 2023 is organised by Zero Waste Victoria in collaboration with event partner FedSquare. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors.

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities please email

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