Zero Waste Festival Online June 2020



Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully. Acceptance of an offer to be an advertiser at the Zero Waste Festival is taken as an agreement and condition that your organisation will adhere to the terms below.


Zero Waste Victoria Inc. (ZWV) is a not for profit organisation whose mission is to inspire and empower people to reduce their plastic consumption and waste through everyday choices and actions. ZWV is holding a Zero Waste Festival online on Saturday 6th June, Sunday 7th June, Saturday 13th June and Sunday 14th June 2020. This document sets out the legally binding terms and conditions on which ZWV provides access to each Advertiser to participate in the Festival. 

In these terms: headings are for convenience only words like “such as” and “including” shall not imply any imitations; “Festival” means the Zero Waste Festival online occurring over the weekends as stated above; “Advertiser” means the person or entity who applies to advertise at the Festival and that person’s or entities officers, employees, contractors, representative and agents; “Advertising” refers to the video, image or voiceover script submitted by the Advertiser and approved by ZWV. “ZWV” means Zero Waste Victoria Inc and that entity’s officers, members, employees, contractors, representatives and agents.


  1. ZWV is holding a Zero Waste Festival online in 2020, due in part, to COVID-19 government rules about events. To support businesses, ZWV has opened up optional advertising slots to select businesses who could have exhibited goods or services at a physical festival.
  2. ZWV may accept or reject an application to advertise at the Festival at its discretion. The advertising slot will be allocated in return for the Advertiser paying the advertising fee in full to ZWV.
    1. ZWV will allocate advertising slots to the Advertiser with the exception of the VIP package for which slots are negotiated between ZWV and advertiser – limited spots apply. ZWV has complete discretion in the allocation and timing of advertising screenings. 
    2. ZWV does not warrant that the Advertiser has the right to exclusively advertise or sell any particular goods or services at the Festival.
  3. The Advertiser must pay the fee upon confirmation of acceptance of the application. If not, ZWV may cancel the Advertiser’s participation in the Festival and withdraw the advertisement. Payment will not be processed for unsuccessful applications.
  4. The Advertiser will demonstrate they are aligned with Zero Waste Victoria’s aim to reduce waste to landfill and reduce plastic consumption. 
  5. Only goods or services that are made from environmentally responsible materials will be promoted. Products that come in plastic packaging or are intended for single-use or limited willuse are not to be promoted at this event. The preference is package-free or reusable packaging.
  6. Any products you hope to advertise, that are made of plastic materials or come packaged, are to be approved prior to acceptance of advertising. If ZWV believes a more sustainable non-plastic item is available, advertising will not be approved.
  7. The Advertiser understands that an application does not guarantee programming in the ZWV festival. 
  8. All Advertising applicants will be notified via email in regards to the outcome of the application – successful or otherwise.



  1. Video
        1. The Advertiser will provide high quality video and/or static high quality image(s) that can be clearly displayed on desktop screens via live stream. 
        2. High quality video provided by the Advertiser will be no longer than 30 seconds, and meet the dimensions requirements of 720p: 1280×720 pixels or 1080p: 1920×1080 pixels, with the following accepted formats: MP4, AVI or MOV.
        3. Videos will be previewed by ZWV prior to screening. If video content does not meet the guidelines, the Advertiser will be required to provide an edited video, in accordance with the terms.
        4. ZWV cannot assist with video production or editing.
  2. Images
        1. The Advertiser will provide static high quality image(s) in the following accepted file formats: jpg, eps, tiff or psd or an original Adobe Illustrator (.ai or eps). We recommend images are the following dimensions: 1280×720 pixels, 1920×1080 pixels.
        2. The Advertiser will provide a few sentences for the ZWV announcer to share about your business and /or products during the display of approved image(s) at the Festival. This is to consist of no more than 60 words. ZWV will nominate an announcer to read the advertising live.
        3. Images will be previewed by ZWV prior to screening. If an image does not meet the guidelines, the Advertiser will be required to provide alternate images, in accordance with the terms.
        4. ZWV cannot assist with image editing.
  3. The Advertiser will deliver the high quality video and/or static image(s) within the timeframe, as described and agreed to by ZWV.
  4. ZWV reserves the right to request alternate images and / or edit any promotional material submitted
  5. If an Advertiser requires ZWV to write promotional copy for images, video or social media, additional fees will apply. Alternately the voiceover will mention the business name and website only.
  6. ZWV reserves ownership of any recorded presentation, which may include advertising material. By accepting these terms, the Advertiser agrees to future showing of promotional video and / or images, in the event the recording is made available for future viewing. Any royalties associated with any promotional material provided to ZWV, are the responsibility of the Advertiser.
  7. ZWV will record, and upload at its discretion, events for future viewing. Viewing will be made available to ZWV members, and may be made available for public viewing.
  8. ZWV is not bound to upload, or provide recordings of any events, or promotional material for future viewing from the Festival, in accordance with these terms.


      1. If ZWV cancels or postpones the Festival, ZWV may terminate this contract by giving the Advertiser written notice. If ZWV cancels the Festival, ZWV shall refund fees paid to ZWV within one month of the decision to cancel the Festival. However, ZWV shall not be liable to the Advertiser for any compensation whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation or postponement.
      2. If ZWV considers that the Advertiser is in breach of any of these terms (including where the Advertiser has provided misleading information in its application form) ZWV may terminate this contract by giving the Advertiser written or oral notice, and without limiting the rights of ZWV or the Advertiser’s liability, ZWV may reallocate the Advertising slot, remove Advertising and mention of Advertisers in any Festival related materials and retain any money paid by the Advertiser in relation to the Festival.


      1. The Advertiser agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless ZWV, from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any third party arising as result of the Advertisers advertising slot.
      2. In no event shall ZWV be liable to the Advertiser for any special, consequential or indirect loss or or loss of anticipated revenue or lost profits, as a result of the number of views or enquires from an Advertising slot.
      3.  ZWV reserves the right to amend any of these terms at any time without prior notice to the Advertiser; however ZWV shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that a current version of these terms is available on the Festival website at all times.
      4. Where these terms anticipate ZWV giving an approval or consent, or exercising its judgment, ZWV may do so in its absolute discretion and subject to any terms determined by ZWV. ZWV is not obliged to give reasons for giving or withholding its consent or for giving its consent subject to terms.

If you have any questions, please email us prior to submitting your application.

The effect of our individual actions may be subtle, but when you multiply that by the actions of a community, collectively we can create a big impact.

Zero Waste Festival Team