The Zero Waste Festival aim is to provide people with ideas and skills, guiding sustainable habit change, sharing practical resources and connecting with community. This event will comprise inspiring presentations, information stalls, music, and workshops showing ways to creatively and economically reduce waste, rethink resource reuse, and to empower community focused environmental actions.

The Festival will be held at Federation Square Saturday 17 September 2022. This event is the largest Zero Waste focused festival in Australia, and is run by passionate Zero Waste volunteers .

Zero Waste Victoria is inviting expressions of interest for presentations and workshops to showcase an innovative approach towards waste avoidance, product stewardship and ethical consumption, where sustainability and the end of the life of a product is considered by design. Presentations and workshops that provide practical applications or case studies are our focus (we want to hear about projects that are creating behaviour change, that can be replicated or used as inspiration).

Topics for workshops or presentations may include:

  • Waste avoidance
  • Re-purposing materials
  • Practical demonstrations to creatively avoid or minimise waste
  • Repairing initiatives
  • Circular economy
  • Product stewardship
  • Food waste
  • Community projects reduce or better manage waste
  • Music with a sustainability twist
  • Other waste related topics

We are looking for variety to give festival attendees a breadth of information and inspiration to support their zero waste initiatives.  Applications close July 31 2022

Expression of interest form for Zero Waste Festival  presentations and workshops

If you wish to contact us with any questions before applying, please email